Saturday, June 30, 2012

anatomy of a rant

I just finished watching reruns of Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy. I like the show. I like the medicine. I love Dr. Miranda Bailey. I love every other doctor in that show. But I hate, I hate Meredith Grey. I hate the protagonist of the show. I hate the character the show is named after. She is an annoying, self-absorbed, un-gorgeous, painfully whiney, stupid doctor. She gets this dreamy guy and she keeps throwing it away. How can one person keep messing up and still keep on being forgiven? So what if her father left her when she was 5, Christina’s father died when she was 5. So what if her mom was a giant bitch, Carev’s mom had a psychotic breakdown when he was a boy and he dealt with it on his own. Even if the Chief Resident calls her on a wrong she did, like operating on a patient, she brings up her dead mother and the pathetic life she is living, rather than being answerable to him, the Chief! And if that wasn’t annoying enough, she manages to make everyone draw their attention away from major issues because she is too busy drowning or putting her hands on a bomb. She is one of those people whom you would hate if she worked in your office, because she’s the one who knows the boss and gets personal favours from him. She didn’t write anything on her intern exam, but got a second chance. But when George fails, he doesn’t. Is that normal? What this show is teaching me is a lot of scientific stuff, how hard a doctors life is and also that if your mother didn’t manage to sleep with your boss, then chances are, you’ll get left behind. Stupid woman should have just drowned in Season 2.


Queenmatrai said...

I could not agree more about your opinion of MG, but the world is made up of all kinds of fish and sharks so we may as well deal with them best we can. said...

OMG hahaha, Iv caught on to the greys train very late in the day and recently hurtled through 4 seasons. Just finished 2 days ago, in fact. And I cannot agree more. I hate MG. She is self-obsessed, whiney, wrinkled and has the brain of an aged, senile person. Yang really should have been the protagonist. Yes, shes brutally cold and unemotional, but at least she's true to herself, and not a spineless, whiney i-want-you-but-im-too-damn-proud-to-admit-it-so-i-will-keep-pushing-you-away kind of person.
Agree, MG should have drowned. The show would be much more bearable without her.
If youre interested, i wrote this after a greys marathon:

Also, Y U NO write no more?

Spazsim Chasm said...

I'm going to start again soon.... I've missed this catharsis too ;)