Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i do... not

So I was thinking about getting married. Like, you know, all the plans and preps that will go into getting a big fat catholic wedding together. And then it hit me. The most basic thing of all is the one thing I have no answer to: Who will be my bridesmaid?

I mean, I don’t have a best girlfriend who I can call and vent to or cry with and laugh while stuffing our faces with food and ice cream. I don’t have anyone with whom I have sleepovers with or share my every intimate secret with. I don’t have one person who will be that first friend whom I tell the ‘good news’ to, whatever the news is: a new job, a good interview, a marriage proposal even.(FYI: I haven’t had any of the above-mentioned things happen at all, but this is not really about that)

So while I can think of 500 people who I would love to invite to my wedding, when and if I get married, I don’t have that one girlfriend who will hold my veil up as I walk down the aisle or hold my legs as I nervously try to escape away through a back window.

And modern sitcoms don’t help. Friends is well, about friends. How I met your mother, is about friends. And even the socially awkward Amy from Big Bang Theory has friends. And all the women in those sitcoms will always have the answer to the ‘who will be your bridesmaid’ question.

This depresses me greatly.