Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pre-mental syndrome

Yesterday I took PMS to a whole new level.

I left my office all ready to go to meet the new guy in my life. I stood at the same spot I stand at everyday to get a cab. And I waited. And waited. And waited. For about twenty minutes I waited. And not a single cab was willing to go to where I wanted.

The poor sod who stopped his cab for me did not know what he was getting into. He slowed down in front of me, I told him where I wanted to go. He said no. I told him there was a new rule and he cannot refuse a passenger. He said he didn’t have any gas left, and the gas that he has would not even take him as far as the next road.
So I asked him why he asked me in the first place. He said if I was going somewhere which was convenient for him he would have taken me.
This is when I began to lose it.

I opened the back door and sat in the car, and in a low, calm voice I said, ‘Drive’.
He turned around and touched me on my knee, trying to explain to the ‘crazy lady’ that he didn’t have gas.

I told him not to touch me. I told him I did not care if he did not have gas, he was going to drop me where I wanted to go. I told him that there were two gas stations on the way and he could stop at any of them and fill his cab up.

He told me that he was not going to go and that I was only wasting my time.
Then I yelled. I told him I had a lot of time to waste, it was only 7:30 in the evening and I would sit in his cab until he started moving.

So he did. And miracle of miracles he dropped me right to where I needed to go. On an empty tank, mind you. He was not happy, but then I don’t think he wanted to mess with the sniffling, slightly psychotic lady in the back seat.

Good for me. I got mine.