Sunday, January 13, 2008

little things i do for me

When work stresses me out – I go dancing – and it only works if you dance like you’re the only one in the club.

When my boyfriend stresses me out – I go to the gym.

When my parents stress me out – I go and have a sleep-over with my girls.

When my girls stress me out – I get a pedicure.

When life stresses me out – I put my ipod to almost maximum volume and I listen to music.

When my boss stresses me out I log on to a free game website and play Zuma or Mini Golf or Copter.

When I want to feel organised - I make 'LISTS' (I love lists!)

When I need to calm down – I put candles in my bathroom and I wash my hair. To get charged up, I make a strong cup of frothy coffee (the frothier the better).

When I want to forget about the day – I go to sleep, I’ve slept for a whole day like that.

When I want to remember days gone by – I dig through old albums with my mother.

If I needed to be peaceful or pensive I’d choose to go to a place by the sea. If I needed to rejuvenate I’d go to the hills.

When I don’t want to write ads I write a blog. When I don’t want to write at all I take pictures, draw or paint.

When I want to feel pretty I straighten my hair, do a home face-mask and paint my toe-nails. Or I go shopping for pink things (my most recent purchase being a plastic hot pink water bottle.)

When I want to feel content I make a sandwich.

And for a little more contentedness – I add cheese.