Sunday, February 08, 2009


Once upon a time there were two things.

One was called Em and the other Reh.

Em and Reh were inseparable, so much so no one could see one thing without the other. They completed each other and even finished each others thoughts. They were the same, yet unknown to them, they were completely different.

Em and Reh lived in a big bubble they blew together when they first met. They thought nothing could go wrong and the world around them was sunny and bright.

Em was always satisfied with whatever it got and was happy in the bubble with Reh. But Reh on the other hand always wanted to grow more popular and have new things like Em.

The older they got the more their personalities differentiated. But because they didn’t want to hurt each other they didn’t say anything.

Em was so caught up in nurturing their Bubble Home, that it never once noticed that Reh was letting other things into her side of the bubble.

One day Em realised their bubble was getting a little too crowded. When asked about it, Reh said that she felt ignored by Em and needed some other company— Reh blamed Em for the crowd gathered in Bubble Home and their estranged relationship.

What hurt Em the most, was that Reh completed a lot of people— it finished everyone’s sentences too. In fact everything Em thought that was special about them— was actually becoming more and more common. Reh refused to believe it was doing anything wrong and because Em and Reh had been together for so long, Em began to justify a lot of what Reh did, even if it began to tear them apart.

Soon Reh was thriving on its own, having separated partially from the Bubble Home. Em struggled to be a part of this new world but really, it couldn’t bring itself to adjust to this new common space.

Reh, wanting the best of both worlds wanted Em to open her side of the Bubble Home to these new found things that Reh kept dragging in. But Em could not and began to build a wall between them. Over which she could hear the constant laughter and merry-making coming from Reh’s side.

Their relationship strained because of Em’s naivet√©.
And Reh’s ambition to become bigger and more popular.

The Bubble Home doesn’t exist anymore. Both Em and Reh are living poles apart.

Both dreaming of the bubble that burst a long, long time ago.