Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bucket list

Okay, so I’m not dying. But I am turning thirty in a couple of months and I am appalled that I have already reached my thirtieth year of life and I have hardly done anything worth writing about. Ergo, I have formed a mini bucket list of stuff to do before I turn thirty-five (I’ve taken the liberty of giving myself 5 years extra since I’m not likely to accomplish much in 2 months.)

I want to start by concentrating on writing my book. This has always been a vision I have had, and one of the big reasons I spent fifty grand on a laptop. Sadly, I have spent most of my time watching movies on the laptop, and hardly any writing. MS Word is the least opened software on my computer. This has also suddenly become a priority after I found out that my trainee has written a book, which is in the process of being published. (I could make excuses that I have worked for 7 years and have had no time to breath, while she is fresh out of summer vacations, but I’m not going to go there.)

I want to travel to an exotic country, with or without a companion. Maybe Greece. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. My fear of travelling alone, dying in a gutter with no passport and identity and then being an unclaimed Jane Doe in some foreign land, should soon be overcome, because I am determined.

I want to work somewhere other than this city. I want to experience what an advertising agency is outside of this ass-licking place. It’s probably more ass-licking: different asses, same frenzied licking.

I want to learn how to perfect the art of everyday makeup. I don’t wear makeup and most days I look like a dead person. Pale lips, dark circles around my eyes and an overall pallid tone. I want to look stunning (like I did for an hour at a shoot when a makeup artist took pity on me and made me beautiful in his spare time)

I want to be proposed to. Okay, so this I cannot control or plan. But I’d really like to know that someone out there wants to spend his life with me. No one has ever popped the question. I may or may not say yes, but it’s the thought that counts, doesn’t it?

I want to have a 'go-to' group of friends. The people who are there when I am down, or have a crisis or anything else. I want to have a really good friend who is not high-maintainance and who wants to share/solve/cry about life's big issues.

I want to do up a house. Pick the curtains, shop for groceries; be worried about what to cook for dinner, stress about the prices of potatoes. This may sound strange, but I have never lived alone. And I don’t want to never ever live alone. I want to experience what that is like.

I think that’s enough for now. Don’t want to over do the list and be disappointed when I’m not done, sounds reasonable, right? It’s true, I’m older and wiser…