Thursday, June 19, 2008

under my skin and on my nerves

As you probably already know, I’ve been seeing someone for over a year now. (Yes, yes, that explains the infrequent whiny, complaining blogs that you all used to relish so much *giggle*). Anyway, he makes me feel wonderfully happy and dizzyingly in love, except on those rare occasions when we fight. Tonight was one such occasion.

I was having a relatively ‘blah’ day, waiting for my boyfriend to come to my office so we could have a nice dinner with my dear friend from college. Looking forward to a nice evening with loved ones, my mood lifted a notch.

I arrive at the location to find my friend with another girl who was a friend of her friend. They had run into each other at this place and this new girl just wouldn’t leave. In the first five minutes of me meeting her, I despised her.

My evening was eclipsed by this loud, pretentious, stuck-up little twit of a witch. She talked on and on about herself until I could stand it no longer. In the agonizing half hour we were with her she announced that she had ‘a nagging for French fries’, a wonderful blog we all should check out, an ex-job, unemployed now, recently seeing someone, traveling a lot, she corrected my English, flirted with my boyfriend, pretended to bond with my girl friend, she told us she worked for an NGO, where she lived, why she was fed up of Bandra, how she loves to drink and smoke—BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

By nine, my friend had to run off somewhere and left us with this woman. She even made us wait with her while her friend arrived. The annoying bit was that every time I tried to make an excuse to leave, she’d make more inane conversation about herself and her fabulous life. My boyfriend was being genuine and listening, even though I tried to make eyes at him to leave. Eyes that told him ‘this woman is horrible, let’s leave now and never return’—but he read the look as ‘This Subway sandwich is yum, we should come here more often’ and didn’t budge.

Yes, I do judge people easily. And I either instantly like you, or instantly despise you and the decision is rarely ever reconsidered. This particular woman annoyed the hell out of me so much so she ruined my evening. (The other half of my evening was spent fighting with my lovely boyfriend because he was trying to be nice to this conceited *badwordhere*.)

I’m home now. All made up with the boyfriend. I’m still mad at the waste of a perfectly good evening, and I’m fighting the urge to leave a nasty anonymous comment on her blog page.