Saturday, June 24, 2006

balls, blocks, breakfast, bonding, banking and betrayal...

Not to make excuses, but every time I have something to write about, it gets too late and I'm too tired or I just can't get connected to the Internet. So before another month goes by- an update on the stuff that’s on my mind.

Weather - After my monsoon post, it has rained violently only once. Mostly it’s hot, humid and very annoying. I guess I posted too soon. I guess the rain gods aren't quite ready.

Work - I have had writers block for a while now. And though they say it happens to everyone, that fact doesn’t help at all. Everything I write seems contrived, and I believe I am not keeping up to the high expectations that my boss has of me – he has used the word ‘disappointing’ in my presence a lot. Which is not a good thing for a writer to hear.

Party - I haven't gone out dancing in a while. I have been using my weekdays to sleep, catch up on reading or watch soccer. My weekends are spent shopping for my sisters and my trip. I think I need to dance and release some creative juices.

Soccer - The season is in full swing. And everybody's got the fever – to borrow words from Madonna (it’s Madonna right?) The boys from my office decided to take part in a corporate soccer tournament on the 10th of June. I, being the only female fan, woke up at 7am and went to the stadium to cheer. Unfortunately the boys had no practice or strategy, and with bellies full of beer we lost all the matches. But it was fun and the boys had a lively cheerleading squad of 6 girls for their final match.

Fifa Soccer - The games have begun. It’s all very stressful. The good teams aren’t performing and the teams you’d normally overlook are playing like gods. I’m supporting Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Sweden- in that order. But if it comes to a game between any of these guys – I think I might have a nervous breakdown. What’s a total bummer is that I am going to be in the airport on my way to America on the night of the finals. Ain’t life a kick in the Fifa balls?

Girls- On the 9th of June, the first game of the world cup, two girlfriends and I went to this coffee shop just to kill time until the game. Not only did we stay there for over four hours, I ended up missing the opening match and bonding quite a bit. We made a plan that we'd go for breakfast every Monday morning, form a film/travel club and join salsa. So far the Monday breakfast is the only thing we have done. Girls rock. Who would have thought?

Boys- The amount that girls rock, is directly proportional to the amount guys suck.
Oh yes. I had gone out with this one guy. We had good conversations and dinners for about two weeks. I kinda-sorta-maybe-mighta have liked him. Then one day he tells me he has to tell me something. So I get nervous and stuff. Then he stalls telling me. We go out, I ask him, and he changes the topic. Then on MSN yesterday, he tells me he really likes me and really loves spending time with me – BUT, and this is a big one, he has a girlfriend, but he still wants to be buddies, no doubt.
Damn does that jerk have a hope in hell.
Oh and you know who else has a girl? My Chicago boy. What I thought would be a dreamy week was a 'pat-me-on-the-back-buddy-'ol-pal' week. She is a blonde singer who dances and has a heart of gold.
Question -How is a cynical, brunette, writer ever to compete?

Money - I have been shopping for my sisters and myself for the past two weekends. And the more I buy the more I feel that I cannot afford to live. Speaking of not wanting to live. I don’t wanna go back to live far away when my parents come back. I can’t bear the thought of travel and smelly trains. I have become a spoilt suburban. And my parents don’t know it.
And having no money I need to file my returns quick – but laziness prevails and I cannot bear to think about taxes and banking papers. I am avoiding my accountant’s calls like he is an ex-boyfriend. This is not helping my lavish lifestyle.

All said and done, I have decided that I’m going to enjoy my moments in Surburbia, get over the whole writers block thing and kick some advertising ass. Enjoy all the matches I can and pray there is a TV in the airport waiting room. I am going to plan a night of dancing, make more girly bonding time, and make time for my banking.
And while doing all that, I shall steadily reaffirm my lack of faith in the male species.

Wish me luck.