Monday, January 02, 2012


I wrote this for fun in 2009... I just looked at it again in 2012 and thought... wouldn't it be fun if I saw how much or how little has changed. Well, fun for me anyway...

1. I have an aversion to Math. Anything to do with numbers freaks me out a little.
(I still do... so this hasn't)

2. I want to live on my own but I’m afraid I’d be way too lonely. Same with travelling alone. (I've finally moved out, and I live alone and I am very very happy)

3. I despise people who promote their blog. It’s a PRIVATE forum… you want visitors write for a frikking paper! (hmmm... not so violently against this.. haha)

4. I love coffee. (stopped drinking coffee, unless absolutely necessary... like I need to stay awake for something important..)

5. Sleeping makes me very happy. (still does!)

6. I’m cynical to the point of self-loathing. (much less so, there's hope for me yet)

7. I’m easily bored and need to learn a new craft every month— currently on Quilling. (stopped learning crafts... but i have started to cook... and i love it!)

8. I’ve always wanted to be a lead in a band. Got offered once and didn’t take it up because I am chicken. (I am very proud to say that I am a lead in a 15-member band, singing all my favorite songs!)

9. I am chicken (still a little, i guess)

10. I cannot suck up to save my life. (this will never change!)

11. Every emotion I have shows on my face. Most of the time this is not good. (neither will this)

12. I like pink. (who can give up pink?)

13. I put nimboo in almost everything I eat. (love love nimboo)

14. I believe I should have been born in the 60’s (singing janis joplin at shows makes me feel like I am... so there)

15. I’m insecure. (no comment - working on this one, catch me 3 years from now...)

16. Relationships are all or nothing for me. There is no grey. (true true)

17. I cry at the drop of a hat. (working on this too... much less so than normal, I'm proud to say!)

18. I LOVE bags. (still do!)

19. Other things I love: Candles, jewellery and things that smell nice. (yea, but not sure why this made it to the top 25 things)

20. I’m a foodie and it shows on my ass :( (yea still a foodie, working on the ass :))

21. I got an 8 GB pen drive for Valentines Day and I loved it :) (I still use it)

22. I have a special ring tone for the people I love. (true still)

23. I was put up to this list thing by KI.. (this is a random truth)

24. I love lists so I’m not complaining at all. (Who doesn't love a good list... the very fact I am redoing it 3 years later proves that this point is true!)

25. I like Post-its (Sad to note that someone stole my box of post-its from my desk at the office. Not happy with post-it stealing at all..)