Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the dreaded question

It is the 29th of December and I have been asked the same question approximately 17,000 times: “So, what plans for New Year?”
It seems to me that having a cool plan on the last day of the year has become more of a competition that just a casual question:

A: “So, what plans for New Year…”

B: “Oh nothing, hanging out at a friend’s terrace, in a bungalow, located in a hill station…and you?”

A: “Me… nothing much… a cruise, and then a private firework show… and then a helicopter ride home…”

Not me. I have done the same thing on New Year’s eve for three years in a row. I have gone to my uncle’s house. Sat in a corner with a glass of strong ale. Waited for 12:00 to strike and then dance for approximately 10 minutes until it is time for us to sleep.

I’m not complaining. My family is the only group that hasn’t changed in the past three years. They don’t have a new boyfriend or a new wife. They aren’t having a baby. They haven’t moved cities. And they don’t have another set of friends they rather spend the night with.

Every year I try to make an alternate plan and sheepishly end up at my uncle’s house. Alone.

I know I seem incredibly lame to most people, heck, I think I am incredibly lame.

Thankfully, my family doesn’t think so.

Happy New Year 2010 :)


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I think not...